Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From!

Hello again! Today I’ll be posting a Top Ten Tuesday post again, and I feel so bad because I haven’t done this in a really long time. Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and today’s topic is Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most Books From! I’m really excited to do this so lets get right into it.

1. J.K. Rowling


Possibly the obvious answer, but this list wouldn’t be complete without J.K. Rowling in it. I’ve read 11 of her books, and I’ve loved all of them. I don’t even think I’ve ever given any of them less than 5 stars

2. Neil Gaiman


He is just awesome. Neil Gaiman has become the author I turn to when I want something dark and kind of eerie without being horror. His books are creepy and make you think without being one of those books that give you nightmares. I love that about his writing style, and I’m definitely interested in reading more from him.

3. Ellen Hopkins


Ellen Hopkins became one of my favorite authors when I read Burned, Smoke, Rumble, and Identical. I then read Tilt and it is possible that my expectations were too high but it was a big disappointment. I read Triangles during the BookTubeAThon and was let down once again. I am still interested in reading her other books, but I’m extremely nervous and don’t want to be let down once again

4. Lemony Snicket


I have read 5 of Lemony Snicket’s books. The Dark was definitely one of my favorite children’s books. It was so cute and the illustrations by Jon Klassen were adorable. I recently listened to the first 4 books in A Series of Unfortunate Events and I really liked them. I’m hoping that I’ll finish the series soon but it is kind of a really long one so we’ll see!

5. E. L. James


An obvious one that I’ve talked way too much about on my blog but my favorite. Always.

6. Sylvia Day


I read the Crossfire series a while ago but I was conflicted about it. I liked the characters but I don’t see why it should be five books long. I definitely feel like Captivated by You was dragged a bit but I was still okay with it. I will read the next book though.

7. Brian K. Vaughan


Saga! This is one of my most beloved graphic novel series. If you’re of age and don’t have an issue with mature, sexual content, check this series out! I love this series and I can’t wait for the fifth volume. I’m so excited for it

8. Rainbow Rowell


I’ve read 3 of Rainbow Rowell’s full length novels and the short story published in My True Love Gave to Me. I completely adores Eleanor & Park, Attachments, and the short story. I was a bit disappointed in Fangirl but I will still read Carry On and Landline.

9. John Green


I have obviously loved The Fault in Our Stars, like it feels like everybody else does. But if I read it now, I don’t think I would love it as much. I definitely did not like Paper Towns or An Abundance of Katherines, unfortunately.

10. Sarah J. Maas


An author who writes about kick ass female characters. Me like. Unfortunately, I haven’t read all of her books, but I own them all. I’m really excited to get to Heir of Fire this month as a preparation for the release of Queen of Shadows.

And those are my ten authors! What 10 authors have you read the most by? Are any of those on my list on your list as well? Do you think any of the authors mentioned are completely horrible? Tell me in the comments and I would love to discuss!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed!

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